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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Tell us about your doughnuts.   We specialize in baked – never fried or yeasted vegan and gluten-free cake doughnuts.  

2.    What makes your doughnuts unique?   They might not be what you expect when you take the first bite especially when you think of the consistency and texture of traditionally made gluten-free and vegan products.  You get both the sweet and savory elements in each bite. We are always striving to make our doughnuts better by continuously recipe testing.  Our goal is to provide an inclusive menu that will give our customers, especially those with dietary restrictions the best and most flavorful experience. 

3.    How long do your doughnuts maintain freshness?  Our doughnuts do not contain preservatives and our recommendation is that they should be eaten same day.   While you can certainly eat them next day, the quality of the doughnut declines. 

4.    Are your ingredients organic? Yes, all of our ingredients are organic and we are currently in the process of sourcing local organic products. 

5.    Are your products non-GMO?  Yes, all of our ingredients are non-GMO

6.    What kind of oils do you use?  We use coconut oil, and expeller pressed canola oil 

7.    What kind of Vegan butter do you use? We use Violife butter which we have found to be the best vegan butter on the market.  It is soy free, dairy free, vegan, gluten-free, palm oil free, peanut free, and preservative free. 

8.    Do any of your products contain soy? No, we do not use soy in any of our products

9.    Do you use vegan sugar?  Yes, we use 100% certified vegan sugar free of bone char. The sugars we use include: coconut sugar, Golden Barrel brown sugar, Golden Barrel pure vegan granulated sugar

10.    What kind of gluten-free flours do you use? Buckwheat, oat, almond, coconut, and gluten-free flour. 

11.    Do you have anything that is sugar free? Not currently, though we are always working on new items. 

12.    What do you mean by non-certified gluten free? We do not operate in a certified gluten-free kitchen though all the ingredients in our GF products are certified gluten free. We follow a strict process of sanitizing and making our gluten free products at a separate time from our products that contain gluten.  We also have some separate small wares that are used only for our gluten-free product preparation and baking. 

13.    Do you have customers who have Celiac disease order from you?  Yes, and we are careful to explain our process as above so that our customers with celiac disease can make an informed decision. 

14.    Does your kitchen have nuts and dairy?  Yes, our products are baked in a facility that contains nuts, tree nuts, and dairy.  We do use sanitizing procedures and do our best to avoid cross-contamination.  

15.    How often does your menu change?  It varies, generally once a week or every two weeks.  Our menus are seasonal and based on available ingredients. 

16.    How are your items priced?  Our prices vary per item from $4.50 to $5.00 .   We are a small batch bakery which means each batch we make is hand crafted.  We do not use batters, mixes, artificial flavoring or colors in our products.  All of our ingredients are organic which makes the price point higher. We have adjusted our prices based on the quality of ingredients we use, packaging, and delivery cost. 

17.    Why do you only offer a small list of your pastries each week?  As a small two person operated business, we need to limit our selection and streamline so that we can meet our weekly demand and maintain consistency.  We have adopted our approach to market menus offering a rotating list of items that is inclusive of both vegan and gluten-free/vegan items. 

18.   Do you deliver?  We don't deliver daily, but will work with customers on catering and special order deliveries. 

19.    Where else can I find your  projects?  Please refer to our website for an updated list of markets and where you can find our doughnuts:

20.    Do you ship?  No, we do not currently ship, but plan to ship our cookies in the near future. Stay tuned. 

21. Do you cater?  Yes, we have catering options.  Please contact us at  Any order over 36 pieces is considered catering.  Large orders must be placed one week in advance of the event.

22. Do you offer wholesale? We are generally moving away from wholesale.  Please email us at with any questions related to wholesale.

23. Do you offer more than doughnuts? Yes, currently we also offer cookies and brownies. As we expand so will are options.

24. Do you make vegan  or gluten-free cakes?  Not yet, but we are working on a Vegan and Gluten free line of signature cakes.  Stay tuned. 

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